The name Palestine to refer to the land between the Red Sea and the Jordan River has been in use as early as the 5th century BC.

Above is the map of Palestine according to Ptolemy in 100 AD, almost 2000 years ago, which debunks the Zionist myth that Palestine never existed.

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Scott Weinger is the voice of Aladdin. 

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this is like the most depressing error message i’ve ever gotten?????????? it’s okay, tumblr????????????????? i forgive you????????????????????????????

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  • teacher: alright fold your papers in half
  • entire class: hot dog or hamburger



My dad is actually the villain from despicable me.

this is amazing

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the only appropriate reaction to frozen

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I also love how girls start shit talking off like ‘okay so Nicole like I love her, I adore her, she’s great and awesome and beautiful but like….’

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"Genie, I’m gonna miss you.”

"Me too Al. No matter what anybody says, you’ll always be a prince to me.”

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"No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world."

Robin Williams ( July 21st 1951 - August 11th 2014)

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Despite all our differences I think we can all agree on one thing

Robin Williams was a fucking gift to humanity

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